There is NO stigma attached to being a “newbie” (a person who is new to something) and starting your first online business. Everyone has to start somewhere – however, there seems to be a huge flashing beacon over a “newbie’s” head which attracts the ‘sharks’ like flies to… you know what!
When I first starting looking for online home business opportunities, I was not exactly proud of my status as a ‘newbie’. But I was certainly not ashamed or contrite about being new to the ‘game’. I assumed that there would be many people who would help me and point me in the right direction if I admitted my newbie status. Oooops…!
I simply became a target (sucker) for all kinds of low-life scammers, conmen, false prophets and people who saw I was where their next quick dollar was coming from! Being a rookie — at ANYTHING — will bring you to the attention of everyone else in the game. Some people will recognise your desire and ambition sympathise with your lack of experience and cheer you on and support you.
Some genuine people WILL advise and help you – teach you the fundamentals of the technique for success. Some people will even coach you and nurture you to success (at a considerable cost!) But! — to a majority of people (unfortunately) your naivety and inexperience become their gain.
Think about the baseball rookie, for example. The opposing team (the competition) if they know you are a rookie, it is in their own interests to exploit your lack of experience. They will try all sorts of underhand means to intimidate you and undermine your confidence (and self-confidence is a very powerful attribute to have). The opposition fans will laugh and deride any small error of judgment or mistake that you make. They want to make you feel uncomfortable and inadequate.
But there are your team-mates whose own success is totally dependant upon yours. In a team sport, you are only as successful as the weakest (or most inexperienced) player allows. It is, therefore, in the interests of these team-mates to ensure you get the right advice, learn the correct techniques and build up your self-confidence.
All this also applies to your online home business ventures. The problem with trying to go it alone at first in Internet marketing and selling your own product or service (which you are told is where the BIG money is) is NOBODY will really help you for nothing, why would they?
So start with a team and start a small online home business (that GUARANTEES a Profit) first to gain some experience and some working capital and then go from there.
It’s definitely not going to be easy but with the right team and guidance, you’ll surely see profits and results in the shortest possible time.