The Law of Attraction in Action

Imagine your life and the lives of people you know as you carefully read these two stories. Do you see any similarities or differences?

Mike wakes up in the morning. Looks like clouds and rain. No matter, Mike thinks. He’s excited to start his day. He goes downstairs. He steps in something warm and wet.

Blech! – the cat did it again! Oh well : )

Mike cleans up the mess and makes his coffee. He is happy and grateful that he has a cute cat to keep him company while he works on his business.

He looks at his e-mail and finds several leads to follow up on. Now he’s really energized. He checks his voice mail.

There are 3 new messages from people who have seen his follow-up video about his MLM business, and want to come on board with him! “Wow, this Law of Attraction thing really works”, Mike thinks…

He just knows his day is going to get better and better. As Mike sorts through his mail, he has several commission checks to deposit in his ever-growing bank account.

He is elated! He just knew that this was the right business for him, and and it’s turning out just the way he imagined and expected it would!

The Law of Attraction is at work in Mike’s life. All of his work on his thought life is paying off…

Meet Beth…

The other side of the Law of Attraction

“Ugh”…”Must be the alarm. Not another day”, thinks Beth. How is she going to slog through another day of rejection and disappointments?

The sun is streaming through the windows. “It’s probably going to be a hot day”, she says to herself. “Some lucky people are going to go to the beach today. Why can’t that be me?”.

She rolls out of bed and drags herself downstairs. She notices that her husband didn’t wash his breakfast dishes.”Slob”…It figures he’d leave all the work for her – “he’s so inconsiderate. All he cares about is himself!”.

She looks at her e-mails. Nothing new. She’s not surprised>, “there never is”.

She burns her toast and spills her coffee as she flings the burnt bread into the trash. “Oh this is going to be a bad day”, she tells herself.

She’s been working her business for almost a year, and not getting ahead at all. Oh well, she thinks, “I’m not surprised-I’ve never really been very good at anything…”.

The Law of Attraction is just as much at work in Beth’s life as it is in Mike’s life. The difference is that Beth is placing limitations on herself. What if she really believed that she had zero limitations?

What Does the Law of Attraction Have to Do With My Business


The Law of Attraction has everything to do with your business…

Everything. Did I everything? : )

We’ve seen people who have done every single thing right in starting and running their business, but don’t have any success. They follow all the right steps, work hard, have persistence and diligence but nothing happens for them.

And we’ve seen the opposite. We’ve seen people start out and within a couple of months have great success-and it just keeps going!

Here’s what Brian Tracy, the famous motivational speaker says about the Law of Attraction…

“You are a living magnet; you invariably attract into your life the people, situations, and circumstances that are in harmony with your dominant thoughts”.

Why is this?

It’s all about attitude, mindset, and way of thinking. The basic idea behind the Law of Attraction is that we attract to our life, whatever receives our energy, attention, and focus. When we focus on our Goals, we activate this Law in a positive way.

A lot of people spend time thinking about all the things they don’t want to happen, and all the things they are afraid of.

Eventually, the negative begins manifesting in their lives, giving them more negative things to think about! It becomes an ugly, vicious cycle.

Is the Law of Attraction in the Bible? – yep!

Like Job of Bible fame states “For the thing that I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me”(Job 3:25).

So how do we stay focused on the positive?

The nations’ economic situation is a mess, things are uncertain out there, people loosing their jobs, their savings, their homes…

It’s not about living in denial about those things. It’s about your Vision of your business and how you can contribute in positive ways to the situations and suffering out there.

You can do this by being aware of the Law of Attraction and applying it.

You need to create a Vision for your business, bigger than you, bigger than your success, and bigger than your bank account.

When you create a Vision like this, with purpose and passion behind it, you’ll be able to maintain a strong positive mental attitude and laser sharp focus. When you do this, you’ll be surprised how all the other things you want just fall into place.

How do you develop a Vision you can be passionate about?

Well, hopefully, you’ve read our other articles about finding the right business for yourself. After you’ve done that, is when you need to develop your Vision for that business.

Gabriel Returns…

Gabriel is a prime example of the Law of attraction at work.

He got involved in a Network Marketing Company in the health and wellness industry. He believed that he had a product that truly could help people with all sorts of medical issues.

He was (and still is!) passionate about the products and all the benefits they are providing to improve the health of his customers.

He loves gathering testimonies and sharing them with whomever will listen.

He is also passionate about helping people out of their financial woes. Having experienced first hand the power of his company’s compensation plan, he is eager to show others how they too can be saved from financial ruin…

People are drawn to Gabriel because of his enthusiasm and positive outlook on life. He’s just fun to be around! Needless to say, he has become very successful-on track to make 7 figures this year.

This is not a made up story. We changed the name, but the story is absolutely true.

Yes, Gabriel works hard. But his focus is-his Vision to help others, and he is passionate about that.

Having a powerful Vision for yourself and your company is the most important thing for you to develop if you want true prosperity.

If you do this, you will have more than a healthy bank account, you’ll have a very fulfilling and joy filled life.

Most people by now have seen the movie, read the book, or at least heard about probably the most famous documentary on the Law of Attraction, The Secret.

Without going into the metaphysical or the quantum physics of Law of Attraction, simply put, it’s positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative.

Most people spend time thinking about and speaking about what they don’t want, which in turn, manifests into their lives.

We need to focus on what we do want, because the Law of Attraction has two sides to it – the positive and the negative.

Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, it’s hard to deny that when you are negative and in a bad mood, things never seem to go right.

And if you’re happy and positive, things just seem to go better. Kind of like our examples above of Mike and Beth.

How to Attract What You Want

People are attracted to positive happy people.

People want to do business with people who are upbeat, positive, and optimistic. It’s just human nature.

Who wants to hang around with doom and gloom sad-sacks? Let alone do business with them!

We aren’t suggesting that you act fake or pretend you feel something that you don’t. Although, in my experience, if you act like you’re happy and smile, you actually begin to feel better!

Try it.

What we are suggesting is that you work on this area of your life. If you do, you will have a much greater likelihood for success.

If you aren’t a naturally happy, positive, or upbeat person, it’s time for some self examination.

Let’s start with thoughts.

Thoughts are not just neutral things that float in and out of your mind and that you have no control over. They are very powerful and can influence your mood, actions, behavior, and decisions. Negative thoughts will produce negative emotions, and will deter your success.

“What you think about, you will become” Jesse Duplantis from his book “The Everyday Visionary”.

Look at your thoughts. Yes – you can, see your thoughts, if you slow down and pay attention to them.

What thoughts dominate your mind? Do you watch the news and become fearful? Do you think about failure? Do you worry about all the things you might not know how to do?

Do you think negatively about yourself?

Just Stop…

…giving focus and attention to these thoughts. Don’t allow them to take root in your mind. You do have a choice to make.

You can decide that every time one of these negative thoughts dares to enter your mind, you’ll look at your Vision Board or read your Vision that you’ve written down.

You can pick up an uplifting book and read a few pages. You can look around you and be thankful for what you have, for things you have accomplished in life, for your family, for your cat…

We all have something to be thankful for.

Gratitude is the quickest way to banish negative and depressing thoughts.

What we focus on becomes our reality. When you focus your attention on these negative thoughts, your feelings plummet, and you will probably find yourself becoming discouraged or depressed.

And it’s hard to keep going when you feel that way. That’s why it’s so important to give your attention and focus to your success – your Vision.

As We Think, So We Believe

A close relation to negative thoughts, are negative beliefs.

We may have these beliefs about our work, ourselves, and our ability to succeed. It’s critical to become aware of these beliefs because they work at an unconscious level to influence our behavior.

I have a friend, I’ll call her Sue, who started her own business. She would do well for a little while, but then something would just “happen” to derail her success.

This happened over and over. As I was talking to her, I learned two very important things.

One, was that the things that would just “happen” didn’t just happen to her – they were things she had caused to happen by decisions and choices she had made.

The second thing I learned about her came from a story she told me. It was about her parents, who were very traditional. Her father had a good job, and her mother stayed home to care for the home and kids.

Her mother often told her that a woman was happiest and most fulfilled in that role.


I understood what was keeping Sue from experiencing true, sustained success.

She had adopted unconsciously, that same belief that her mom had always told her-that a woman was happiest staying home and taking care of her family.

This unconscious belief was influencing Sue’s decisions. On one hand, she wanted a successful business, but deep down there was this conflicting belief that told her she would only be happy and fulfilled if she were a stay-at-home-mom.

So she made decisions that supported this belief-decisions that sabotaged her career as a business woman. We all have these unconscious beliefs that have been developed-often in childhood.

How do you unearth these beliefs?

Start by looking at your thoughts – Again : )

These will give you clues to your underlying belief systems. Look at the decisions you make – the ones that don’t turn out so well-and see what thoughts were behind them.

How do you change these beliefs?

After you’ve identified the thoughts behind them, work at changing the thoughts.

For example, one of Sue’s thoughts turned out to be “I can’t be a good business woman.” Once she realized it, she changed it to “I am perfectly capable of being a good business woman. I have been in the past, I am now, and I will be in the future.”

Another one she had was “I can only be happy if I have a family” which she changed to “I am happy and fulfilled in my relationships, in my activities, and my business.”

These are not positive affirmations-they are positive truthful statements that she began using to replace those old negative thoughts that had constructed her old belief system.

What has been constructed, can be deconstructed. Repeated, truthful, realistic positive thoughts about what you actually want in your life can change your belief system.

Change your belief system, and you change your life…

Competition or Abundance?

What does that have to do with The Law of Attraction? Well, often in the business world, the feeling of competition coincides with the belief that there isn’t enough to go around.

Not enough money, not enough leads, not enough customers

This mentality of lack is very negative and harmful.

And what have we learned about the negative? That’s right-negative attracts negative, and positive attracts positive. What you focus on you get. If you focus on lack, that’s what you’ll get.

The mindset of lack and competition is actually rooted in fear- fear that there won’t be enough to go around. Fear that we won’t get our share.

As we said earlier, fear is a very negative emotion, and needs to be quickly replaced with faith (I’m not preaching religion to you – we all have natural human faith for many things, every day) and positive belief.

We encourage you to believe in the concept of Abundance – That there is more than enough to go around, and that the universe (or God) has infinite substance to supply all we need.

We suggest that you take it a step further and help others in their success. You can’t get any more positive than that!

Remember The Law of Attraction…you attract what you give your energy and focus to!

The Law of Attraction is more than just creating a successful business for yourself. It’s about more than making a ton of money.

It’s about living a life of purpose, a life of vision and focus.

It’s about living a joyful, fulfilling existence. Aim for doing business with a purpose.

If you create your Vision as we suggested, you will be doing this. It’s about putting people first, it’s about integrity, ethics, doing what’s right, and helping others.

If you do this, you’ll be putting the law of attraction to work for you in a way that will ensure your success!