This post if for those interested in making money expressing ideas. Those willing to spend time everyday writing for clients and starting a writing online business with their writing skills.
The first goal when trying to write for an income is selling your first article. Quality of an article is key when trying to sell your content. There are two factors that a webmaster or blogger will take into consideration when deciding whether or not they want to hire you or purchase any of your work.
The first factor will be your level of knowledge on the topic you write about.
The second factor is the technical level of your writing.
These two things will not come easy so be prepared to learn everything you can about a certain niche and practice writing. You should also understand that web writing is a little different than real-world writing.
So you think you have writing skill and would like the chance to earn money online from your writing skills. The first thing any freelance article writer needs if they would like to begin an online writing career is an online portfolio that they can show their potential clients.
You can start a free online blog to showcase the writing you would like to show these clients. Make sure when setting it up you have it organized so the potential client can easily find all of your writing.
Do not create your portfolio like a regular blog.
When someone comes to your homepage rather than showing the last article you have written you will want a small bio explaining you are a writer for hire. Then under the short bio, you should have a list of links to all of your articles. If you want you can put a small description under each of these articles.
Once you get your portfolio up it will be time to look for potential clients. There are many different ways you can go about finding potential clients. The first way is looking in the webmaster forums such as The majority of webmaster forums have a marketplace where you can interact with webmasters and bloggers who need writers.
When you talk about a job be sure you share the link to your newly set up portfolio so they can see what you work is like. When you find someone interested you should give them an article at a rock bottom price so they can see the reaction of their audience. If your writing style creates a good reaction with their traffic and readership you can start asking for more money.
Another way to find potential clients is actually optimizing your portfolio and optimizing it for search engines, then marketing it. You can put price tags next to your list of articles and next to the titles so when people come to your site they know exactly how much the article is.
If you choose to find clients this way then be sure to have contact information at the end of each article.
Hope this helps you get started with your online writing business. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments below. Happy writing!!!