If you are in the field, you have probably discovered by now that freelancing is not a get rich quick scheme. Making money as a freelancer is the same as running any other business; it requires dedication and patience.

To make money as a freelancer, you would have to be reliable and a pleasure to work with. If you are always on time for appointments and you submit your work by the deadline dates you inspire confidence in yourself from your client. This means that they will able to give you work confidently. And the more work you do, the more money you make. It would even be easier for you to ask for more money from your clients and get it because they know you deliver.

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Don’t take your work lightly. Treat freelancing as a business, not a hobby a way to pass the time. That means that you have to keep track of all your expenses that you use during a project and hold yourself accountable for every little cost. You might not realize, but small things like pens cost money, and the expenses accumulated by these small things can turn out to be quite huge if you are not careful. Make sure you are careful with the way you use your stationery. Always make sure you keep receipts of everything that you by for a project and calculate how much profit you make at the end of each project. Try to keep costs to a minimum.

Do not be afraid to ask for more money from your clients. Always negotiate for the best contract that you can get. If you have the experience to justify the kind of money you are asking for, then go for it. You should not sell yourself short but get paid what you are worth. Be careful not to ask for exorbitant prices. You will scare the client. The best way to know how to charge your clients is to research on how much some freelancers of your same calibre are charging.

Build a reputation for yourself that will attract clients to you. With a solid reputation as a good freelancer, you will be having jobs come knocking at your doorstep instead of going out there to look for work. A good reputation also makes it easy for you to find gigs which mean more money coming in. Your reputation usually determines your worth as a freelancer.

Feel free to turn down jobs that are not worth it. Some projects will take much of your time and resources and not pay you that much. If there are better options, there is no need to take the job. It’s always best for you to do a cost-benefit analysis before you accept a project. However, some gigs might pay a lot but will ensure a solid reputation. These kinds of jobs are always worth considering as you will be able to get more work in the future.

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