It’s not just about traffic generation.  A solid marketing plan should also consider traffic REgeneration.  An online business should not rely on new visitors alone.  There are more old visitors than unique ones, after all, and each of them is a potential customer in the future.  Sure, they may not have decided to make a purchase the first time around, but such does not mean that they won’t be interested with subsequent offers later on.

For years, many online marketers have resorted to capturing leads for this purpose.  Capturing leads, of course, is best done through email marketing, specifically through the use of mailing lists.  Mailing lists are likewise called as opt-in lists since the users should first “opt” to subscribe to the said list.

Once you have captured your previous visitors into your subscriber base, all you have to do is to follow up on them.  Warm them up for future offers. This can be done by giving them something of value through the emails you will send, like free products, informative content, or simple greetings that would help build relationships and make them feel special.

The problem is, with all the email marketing campaigns that are prevalent on the Internet these days, your leads might have gotten fed up with some of the messages they have been receiving, which they may have started to consider as spam.  Hence, your emails might just be similarly dismissed.

The challenge, therefore, is to deliver to them novel messages that they would find worthy of their time.  Your emails must be credible and responsive, not mere sales pitches disguised as useful notes. But how are you to accomplish this?  Here are 10 ways by which you could garner the interest of your subscribers:

  1. Always give them something that they would be excited about.  You could sponsor some contests, or generously provide for some freebies from time to time.  This would give you that added punch which would distinguish your messages from others which your subscribers may have labelled as spam. 
  2. Encourage reader interaction.  Simple writing tricks can do this, or you could take the extra mile and offer them a channel where they could air their grievances and suggestions. 
  3. “Interaction” would be useless without the corresponding “action” on your part.  If they air some legitimate complaints, assure them that you will do your best to address the same at the soonest possible time. 
  4. Keep your messages clean and organized.  Don’t expect your subscribers to read something that would confuse even you.  Discuss a certain topic and stick with it, instead of jumping from one point to another.  Always be clear with what you wish to convey. 
  5. Pay attention to your content.  Naturally, your subscribers would want to read something informative.  Don’t feed them with junk details that were only written for the sole purpose of delivering something.  Invest some time, effort, and perhaps even some resources, to craft something that they would learn from. 
  6. Write your messages effectively.  Pay attention to the nuances of writing for the web.  Stay away from jargons and complex words. Keep your sentences simple and your paragraphs short.  Use bullets or numberings as much as possible. And write clearly. Never assume that your subscribers will read something that you yourself won’t want to read. 
  7. Remember that your mailing list shouldn’t only be used to offer products or services for your subscribers.  Always strive to give them something of value. Have you heard of a good tip? Send them an email.  Read about some exciting news? Share it with them. A personal event happened that gave so much happiness to your life.  Write it down and share your joys with your members. This would foster a bond between you and your subscribers, and they would soon look forward to your emails as something worth their time. 
  8. Find the right interval for the delivery of your messages.  Do not send them an email everyday. Your persistence might just be misconstrued as a pesky attempt to win their dollars.  Likewise, don’t send your messages sparingly. They might forget having subscribed to your list come your next email. Try to find a healthy and balanced schedule for the delivery of your emails. 
  9. Always try to leave them wanting for more.  A serialized newsletter usually does the trick.  Delivering helpful strategies in several parts would make them excited about your next correspondence. 
  10. Don’t forget that the ultimate goal is still to make a sale.  Develop a style that would allow you to promote your products, services or affiliate links without being too explicit about it.  Reviews, subtle suggestions and one-time offers are the usual ploys when it comes to this.

Many Internet marketers claim that their mailing list is their business.  It is the mine where the gold can be harvested. Treat your mailing list professionally, and you are sure to be rewarded in kind.