To succeed as a freelancer is your sole duty. When you decide to freelance it’s not only important to have working PC and stable internet connection, but you need to have the right approach to the whole concept of freelancing.

If you don’t apply systematical approach and rush to flip the first dollar in your pocket, you will soon enough realize this kind of approach doesn’t bring any considerable benefits in a long run. Here are few guidelines you can use to succeed as a freelancer and making a firm monthly income working from your home.

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Find a Project

Landing a project is the most basic step in your freelance career. There are few pre-steps to be done before you are fully set to successfully land a project. Find a spot you will be working at. This can be any freelance website and there is whole load of reputable freelancing websites out there.

Once you are done with the registration process, setup a portfolio. This is the place where you will be clearly describing your education, skills, and relevant experiences. Attach your diplomas, certificates, or anything you consider important and valid. Jump in your employer’s shoes and think what you would like to see on a freelancer’s portfolio if you was about to hire one.

Quality Application

Quality of your application/cover letter will determine whether you are going to land a project or not in 90% of the cases. Choose projects you are the most certain you have skills to successfully get to the end. Aim for the ones where you can provide the best quality to the client as this will determine your freelancing future.

Having reputable background is equally important as being skilled and hardworking. Nobody will hire you if your previous employers didn’t have a nice thing to say about you in their comment. Therefore, make sure you deliver on time, strive to provide the best quality of the work and always keep good communication with the client. Nobody likes to sit in the dark waiting for a sparkle wondering how far with the progress has their project gone.

Building the Clientele

As you build your freelance career, your background will start to appear clearer and more rich with each project you get done. Make sure to keep your reputation crystal clear as mentioned above. High quality work and strong work ethics are two features to bring you repetitive clients.

As soon as you are in the game you will realize how you have started creating your very own clientele. Range of your clients depends on you and nobody else. It is more profitable to have 5 clients coming back for more than to provide every second client with poor-quality work risking your reputation and future projects.

Carefully pick what you will work on and don’t run to apply at every project popping up that day. Control your work flow as your workload will grow as your skills and dedication increases.
Remember that dedication and hard work are the main keys to success. Follow these guidelines and work your way to succeed as a freelancer.

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