There a number of mistakes that freelancers make in their day to day work. Of course no freelancer (or anybody for that matter) is perfect. Yet, there are some mistakes that freelancers keep making over and over again but can be avoided. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the common avoidable mistakes freelancers make.

Missing deadlines

The most common mistake that you can make as a freelancer is missing deadlines. This can be very detrimental to your reputation as a freelancer. If you miss deadlines often enough you will find most of your clients taking their work else where. To avoid missing deadlines you should give yourself a deadline that is little ahead of that of your client. This will give you plenty of time to go over your work and rectify any mistakes that you would have made along the way. You should break down your work into steps and make it a point to hold yourself answerable to these steps.

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Approaching clients without background check

Another mistake a freelancer can make is not doing adequate preliminary research which will definitely need when you make a pitch to a potential client. Approaching a client without first researching what his needs may be will make you as a freelancer look less informed than you actually are and this does not inspire confidence from your potential client. Have adequate research on your potential client before you approach them and when you do make your pitch address those issues. This is great way to get work for yourself.

Relying on the same client for income

Relying on the same client for your income is one of the mistakes that a freelancer can make. This is not good because it makes you dependent on that one client and you can find yourself without any income if the client decides to drop you.This also puts you at the mercy of the client. This means that you can not choose the work that you want to do or effectively negotiate your contract with the client. Having one client can be okay when you are still starting as a freelancer but don’t rely on that sole income. Always look for other gigs to do so that you have multiple incomes.

Undervaluing Yourself

Freelancers also make the mistake of undervaluing themselves and charging little money for projects. During the first days when you are trying to break through into freelancing, it might be acceptable to charge too little for your work. But when you have enough experience and exposure, there is no harm in knowing exactly how much you are worth. Although this does not mean you have to go over board. Find out how much some freelancers with your kind of experience are charging to get an idea of what you are worth.

Becoming too friendly with clients

There is a thin line between being friendly and getting personal. Most freelancers always cross this line which is not good for business. Becoming too friendly with a client makes you come across as someone who is unprofessional and this is not good for business. You can be friendly but always remain professional. Be careful you also don’t look as a person who is aloof. This is also not good for business.
As a freelancer, the only way to get better is to keep on learning, with enough knowledge comes mastery.