As it is a highly competitive freelancing market out there, it is critical to stand out from the crowd even if you have all the freelancing skills you need. In this article, we’re going to talk about 3 tips to help you stand out from other freelancers. We’ll focus more on the online freelancing platforms so let’s get to it.

Complete Profile

It’s obvious that you need to have a complete profile but some freelancers ignore this. It certainly helps to have a complete profile on online freelancing websites. You want to give professional first impression so take your time to fill out all the profile details. I know it takes time to fill in all those boxes but it will pay off to do so.

Add your education and work experience. Highlight the experience that matches with contracts/jobs you are looking to secure. Use power words just like you would while writing an application letter. Consider your profile as an open application. Make sure your skills and strengths are well presented and easily found within seconds! (yes, that’ how “long” a recruiter scans your CV/profile!)

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Professional Photo

That does not mean having a photo taken by professional photographer, although that would be great. It means having a clear photo wearing business or professional looking clothes. You would be surprised how many people post photo of themselves at a night out or on the beach, Women with super low cleavage (keep it modest unless you are applying for “that” kind of work). Some even use photos with other people so you end up not knowing who the person is.

Over the years I’ve seen it all and I think worst are the ones from the beach or night out. Those just give such an unprofessional first impression and will not help you secure serious work. As a freelancer you want to have serious clients who pay on time so you will need to present yourself as a serious freelancer who delivers.

Customized Application

Lastly but definitely not the least, customize your application or cover letter. There’s nothing more bad than generic letter stating all that you know and not addressing the key skills required. That application goes to trash immediately. Read job specifications carefully and have your major strengths for the role clearly in the first paragraph. Recruiter / owner might receive 100+ applications so you need to get their attention within seconds.

Forget letters that explain every little details from your career. Remember KISS – system (Keep it simple, stupid) is great for this as well. Practice makes perfect in this so fine tune your application constantly and if you find out that something works keep it. Ask a friend to review first the job specification and then your application and ask if you answer questions / skills the client is looking for.

So there were 3 tips how to stand out from freelancing crowd and start securing work.

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